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Wogglebug Review

NARRATOR: OJO AND UNC NUNKIE. Ojo, a Munchkin Boy...Violet MacMillan; Unc Nunkie, Ojo's only friend and guardian......Frank Moore.

(Ojo gets out of bed while Unc Nunkie is sitting at a table. Ojo rubs his stomach. He gets a chair, stands on it, looks in the cupboard, gets down and rubs his stomach again.)

OJO: "There are no more Loaves on the Bread-Tree that grows in our yard. Tell me Unc Nunkie, Why are we so poor?"

(Unc Nunkie doesn't answer, but shoos Ojo away. Ojo gets an idea.)

OJO: "Let us go to the Emerald City, where there is plenty for all. No one ever starves in the Land of Oz, but to get food we must go where it is."

(Unc Nunkie agrees and they start out.)

NARRATOR: Dr. Pipt, the crooked Magician...Raymond Russell. Margolotte, his wife...Haras Dranet. Dr. Pipt has been six years making a Magic Powder of Life..

( We now see a crooked man stirring four kettles at the same time with his hands and feet, and we also see his wife. Margolotte speaks her mind to her husband.)

MARGOLOTTE: "I'm tired doing my own work! Hurry and finish that Magic Powder, and I'll make a servant girl and bring her to life with it."

(Margolotte heads upstairs.)

NARRATOR: Margolotte Searches for Material to Make a Servant Girl.

(She finds a patchword head, shirt, skirt, legs, and white gloves, and black leather shoes. She also finds a magic wand. She waves it and all the pieces come together. She leaves the wand and takes the newly made patchwork girl.)

NARRATOR: Jesseva, the Magician's Daughter, and her sweetheart, Danx the Munchkin.

(Two munchkins [the others are dancing around near Dr. Pipt's house] are alone together. Danx makes Jesseva close her eyes. He holds out a ring and she opens her eyes. She is delighted. He is now her fiancee.)

NARRATOR: Mewel, a Waif and Stray...Mr. Fred Woodward.

(A mule plays with the munchkins. Ojo and Unc Nunkie arrive. They enter the house with Jesseva and Danx. Margolotte is putting in very few brains in the patchwork girl's head. Ojo asks why.)

MARGOLOTTE: "Oh, no; she has no brains, the fewer brains the better servant."

(While Margolotte has her back turned, Ojo sneaks over to the cabinet. He chooses several different types of brains for the patchork girl. He chooses a nice amount of judgement, something that we can't make out, a tad of obedience, and a lot of ingenuity and cleverness. He puts each into a cup.)

NARRATOR: Ojo slyly gives the Patchwork Girl brains.

(He pours the contents of the cup into the patchwork girl's head.)

NARRATOR: The Powder of Life is nearly ready.

(Doctor Pipt pours the contents of the kettles into one. He then puts all the powder into a pepperbox. {He sprinkles some on the patchwork girl who comes to life and accidentally spills a liquid on Unc Nunkie, Margolotte, and Danx, who turn to stone.} Dr. Pipt is distraught. The Powder of Life has all been used on Scraps [the Patchwork Girl].)

NARRATOR: "To make more Powder of Life would mean stirring four kettles with both hands and both feet for six long weary years and I am too tired to undertake the task"

(Scraps dances outside and back in. An angry Dr. Pipt picks her up and throws her onto a kettle hanging from the ceiling.)

DR. PIPT: "That bunch of Scraps has caused all our trouble."

(He finds an antidote in a book. It says it needs three hairs from a Woozy's tail, a gill of water from a dark well, and a six-leaved clover.)

DR. PIPT: "I will find the Dark Well."

(Scraps and Jeseeva will go with Ojo. Dr. Pipt will go alone. Jeseeva has a request.)

JESEEVA: "I hate to go leave my Love here alone, Father, can't you reduce him in size, so I can take poor Danx with me."

(Dr. Pipt waves a wand over Danx's statue, which shrinks to an easily portable size. Jeseeva takes it.)

NARRATOR: Ojo and Jesseva go to find a Woozy and a Six-Leaved Clover.

(They walk outside where they are joined by the Munchkins. They continue on until they reach a wall that says "BEWARE THE WOOZY." Scraps climbs the wall and enters a cave.)

NARRATOR: The Woozy...Mr. Fred Woodward.

(Scraps leaves the cave followed by the Woozy. She asks him a question.)

SCRAPS: "Mr. Woozy, We want three hairs from the end of your tail..."

(Scraps tries to pull out the hairs. She cannot.)

OJO: "The only way to get the Three Hairs is to take the Woozy with us."

(Scraps tries to help the Woozy out.)

WOOZY: "I can't climb out; but if you can make me angry my eyes will flash fire and burn a hole through the fence."

(Scraps hits him until fire comes out of his eyes and burns a hole through the fence. Scraps comes bounding out and then the Woozy walks out.)

NARRATOR: The Woozy is free at last.

(They travel along. The Woozy holds onto a tree and tries to have Ojo pull the hairs out. He can't pull them out either.)

NARRATOR: The Arrival of Jinjur, a maid from the Emerald City.

(Jinjur is sailing in a boat.)

NARRATOR: The Wall of Optical Illusion.

( She docks it, and joins the party. They stop at a solid brick wall. Jeseeva takes out the statue of Danx. Jinjur notices it.)

NARRATOR: Jinjur falls in love with the statue of Danx.

(She tries to get Danx from Jeseeva. She even tries to trade. Ojo explains about Danx. Jinjurs explains about the wall.)

JINJUR: "You see the Wall, but it's not there. Follow me and I will prove it."

(They walk THROUGH the wall. Ojo finds a six-leaved clover and is about to pick it when Jinjur stops him.)

JINJUR: "Take care! It is against the Law of Oz to pluck a Six-Leaved Clover."

(Ojo is reluctant to leave the clover behind.)

NARRATOR: The Soldier with the Green Whiskers Guards the Gate of the Emerald City.

(The Soldier has so little to do, he struggles to stay awake. He marches back and forth in front of the city gates.)

NARRATOR: Ojo Breaks the Law.

(Ojo thinks no one is looking, so he plucks it anyway. But Jinjur saw him. They continue along to the Emerald City, where Jinjur frames Jeseeva.)

JINJUR: "That girl yonder has stolen a Six Leaved Clover."

(The soldier finds the statue of Danx.)

JESEEVA: "That Statue belongs to me."

(Jinjur takes Danx from Jeseeva.)

NARRATOR: The Royal Barracks.

(We see the Royal Army of Oz. They are all women.)

NARRATOR: The Guardian of the Gate.

(The Guardian is playing a small mouth instrument [a harmonica?] then he is run over by Jinjur, then Scraps. The two run through the gates into the Emerald City, where they bowl over over more people.)

NARRATOR: The Soldier, beset by the Munchkins, rings the great Alarm Bell.

(A fairy appears and rings the bell. The Army leaves the barracks and surround Ojo, Jeseeva amd Woozy.)

NARRATOR: The Garb of a Royal Prisoner.

(The three are covered in sheets with eyeholes.)

NARRATOR: The Patchwork Girl gets the Statue of Danx.

(Scraps attacks Jinjur. A woman gets the statue and falls in love with it. Another woman gets ahold of it before Scraps takes it from her. Scraps dances around.

NARRATOR: The Patchwork Girl does not recognize her friends in their prison garb.

(Scraps is still dancing around as the prisoners walk past. She runs out of the Emerald City, pursued by Jinjur.)

NARRATOR: Dr. Pipt, seeking a Dark Well, comes to the House of Magic.

(Dr. Pipt steps inside the house. It is empty. He steps outside. Inside a bed comes from...somewhere and makes itself. Pipt steps inside and goes to sleep. While he's asleep, a table and cupboard come from somewhere [I guess the same place as the bed] and make a hot meal for Pipt, who wakes up and has breakfast.)

NARRATOR: The Lonesome Zoop.

(A creature [which looks like a kangaroo with an albino monkey's head with some kind of fuzzy growth on it in patches] is reclining on a log. He gets up and swings his tail by a fisherman, who plays with the tail. Then the fisherman sees WHO the tail belongs to and runs away, and the Zoop chases him.)

NARRATOR: Hoppertown..

(Pipt enters Hoppertown, trying to hop on one leg. Everyone in town has one leg and hops on it. A hopper who looks like a guard stops Pipt.)

GUARD HOPPER: "You have one leg too many. The Law of the Hoppers obliges me to cut the extra one off."

(They put him on a table [or altar?] and take out some kind of blade.)

NARRATOR: The Patchwork Girl in her flight overtakes Dr. Pipt.

(She begs for Pipt's life.)

SCRAPS: Spare my Master! Take my leg instead.

(They cut off her leg, and Pipt and Scraps depart. Pipt uses his wand to put her leg back on.)

NARRATOR: The Jolly Tottenhots.

(Scraps and Pipt continue on. They come across these little hills where the Tottenhots peer out at them. The Tottenhots jump out and play around with Scraps, forcing the pair to take their leave.)

NARRATOR: Jinjur Recovers the Statue of Danx.

(Jinjur swoons over a tree, crying. Scraps comes along, Jinjur hides, then wrestles with Scraps for the statue. Jinjur wins and runs for it! Pipt and Scraps arrive at the city of the Horners.)

NARRATOR: "Do you know where there is a Dark Well?" asked Dr. Pipt. "Sure," said the Horners; "We have a fine Dark Well in our lower Caverns."

(They stop at a fence that blocks their path.)

HORNER (Diksey?): "Walk up the fence; it's easy."

(They walk up one side and down the other.)

NARRATOR: The Incline leading to the Dark Well.

(They go down the incline, Dr. Pipt gets the water, and they leave, obviously heading to the Emerald City.)

NARRATOR: The Throne Room of Ozma of Oz.

(We see Ozma's throne room, [complete with swimming pool] and her throne, guarded by the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger. Ozma enters with her servants.)

NARRATOR: The Wizard of Oz.

(Oscar Diggs [the Wizard] enters. The Royal Army and the Soldier bring in Jeseeva, Ojo, and the Woozy, still in prison garb.)

SOLDIER: "Your Highness, these are the Prisoners who Stole the Six-Leaved Clover."

(Ozma decides on a trial.)

OZMA: "Summon the Royal Jury."

(Servants bring in a jury box, and the Tin Woodman, Scarecrow, Braided Man, a Tottenhot, a Horner and a Hopper come in and sit down on it.)

NARRATOR: The Royal Jury confers.

(For some reason, the Scarecrow gets up and leaves. He walks through the Emerald City, where he meets Scraps, who is [or was] accompanying Pipt to the Palace. They fall in love. Meanwhile, Pipt enters the throne room and makes an announcement.)

DR. PIPT: "I've found the Dark Well!"

(Ojo and his compainions are glad to hear this, but Pipt must first ask permission of Ozma.)

DR. PIPT: "Have mercy gentle Ruler, and permit me to restore the statues to life."

(Ozma asks the Wizard for advice, which he gives.)

THE WIZARD: "Let the Magician perform his Magic __ if he can!"

(Ozma agrees.)

OZMA: "I command you, Wizard, to bring the Statues here, in my presence."

(The Wizard has the jury get off the jury box and has it removed and then has his magic stand put in it's place. He does a bit of magic and the statues of Unc Nunkie and Margolette appear.)

THE WIZARD: "Here are two of the Statues the third is missing."

(Speaking of which... Jinjur comes in, exultant at having Danx's statue, but...)

NARRATOR: "Here is the Third Statue," Said Dr. Pipt.

(Danx is retrieved from Jinjur.)

OZMA: "Soldier, arrest that Girl!"

(Pipt places the tiny statue on the Wizard's magic stand. He then combines the ingredients in a magic pan, and a cloud of smoke arises. All three statues come to life, but Danx is still tiny, but then he grows back to his normal size.)

NARRATOR: Reunited.

(Ojo and Unc Nunkie hug.)

The End