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How do I get these games to work?

Well, first download and install the Dorothy & Ozma Productions Games Set #1. Install it to any directory, as shown below.

When you get a new game pack (let’s use our game “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” as an example) you would extract this to the same folder, NOT a subfolder of it!

These files need to be in the same directory (the games in the game pack are not listed, as they are instantly installed.)






WWOZ.TXT (this isn’t REALLY necessary)

When you look at the folder, it should look like this

WWOZ.BAT will assume that PLAY.EXE is in the same folder. Similarly, if you started PLAY.EXE and typed WWOZ, PLAY.EXE will assume that the files WWOZ.DAT and WWOZ.MES are in the same folder.

If you wanted to put a shortcut to the WWOZ game on your desktop or start menu, you would make the shortcut to C:\Oz Games\WWOZ.BAT. You can also select an icon for the shortcut. That’s what WWOZ.dll is for. It contains an icon to use.

When you start the game, this is how it should look

If you get an error message, this means the files WWOZ.DAT and WWOZ.MES are not in the same folder as PLAY.EXE. Simply place them in the same folder, and it should work.