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On this page, keep track of the new and exciting changes and additions happening at the Dorothy & Ozma Productions website. Only the most recent ten will be kept up here.

9/7/2006-Additions to Links page and FAQ.

8/13/2006-Some minor editing. Another revsion of the FAQ. "The Wonderful Galaxy of Oz" and reviews for two Russian animated Oz movies added to the Wogglebug's Review. After a pause in production, the ornament rooms in "OZMA OF OZ" are finished, now for the ornaments!

7/29/2006-A new question and a revision on the FAQ.

5/9/2006-Library page now includes summaries of most books. The other Oz/Oz-related works of the other Royal Historians have been added. Baum's biography has been revised again. A couple of nice, meaty questions have been answered on the FAQ.

4/22/2006-Links page revised. Many other pages revised as well. Work continues on "Ozma of Oz" game. The ornament rooms are to be programmed in next.

4/1/2006-Eric Shanower interview revised and updated.

3/22/2006-Review for the 1964 Return to Oz added to the Wogglebug's Review. Many pages updated and revised.

1/26/2006-"Dot & Tot Of Merryland" e-text completed. Will be uploaded 1/28/2006. Viewers are requested to report any bits of editing.

11/12/2005-"A Magnetic Personality" and "Nan's Magic Button" added to "The Queer Visitors From Oz." This completes the "Queer Visitors" compilation. Work will begin on completing the "Dot & Tot Of Merryland" e-text soon.

11/4/2005-"Tim Nichols And The Cat" and "Mr. Wimble's Wooden Leg" added to "The Queer Visitors From Oz." This leaves only two more stories to be added to the "Queer Visitors" compilation. Work continues on the "Ozma of Oz" computer game.