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Wogglebug Review

NARRATOR: King Krewl commands Princess Gloria, his niece, to wed Googly-goo, a courtier, but the girl refuses.

(King Krewl orders Gloria to marry, but she refuses.)

NARRATOR: Princess Gloria, scorning Googly-goo, falls in love with Pon, the Gardener's boy.

(Gloria is in the garden. Pon enters and they fall in love.)

NARRATOR: The lovers are surprised by King Krewl.

(King Krewl discovers them and takes Gloria away.)

PON: "Remember, whatever happens, I will always love you."

(Two men assemble a scarecrow in a cornfield. When they leave, Corn fairies bring it to life.)

NARRATOR: Dorothy, a little Kansas girl, is rudely captured and enslaved by the Wicked Witch.

(Dorothy is wandering around. Mombi appears and drags her away.)

NARRATOR King Krewl visits Mombi the Witch to ask her to destroy Gloria's love for Pon.

(King Krewl goes to Mombi's house. Mombi is having Dorothy do the dishes when the visitors enter.)

NARRATOR: Ever ready to do mischief (and make a dishonest dollar), Mombi awaits her royal visitors in high glee ...

KING KREWL (to Gloria): "Will you give up this base-born lover?"

GLORIA: "Never!"

KING KREWL (to Mombi): "Can you kill her love for the gardener's boy?"

MOMBI: "Yes, your Majesty; I can freeze her heart."

KING KREWL: "Do it, then!"

(Mombi sends everybody but Gloria out. Pon arrives and Dorothy befriends him, stopping him from attacking King Krewl. The two then peep through a window to see what Mombi is doing.)

NARRATOR: The Incantation. Mombi summons her band of Witches.

(Three more witches appear. They make a brew, then Mombi's band become three lovely young women. They put Gloria into a sleeplike trance.)

NARRATOR: Gloria's heart is frozen to all mortal loves.

(Mombi makes Gloria's chest transparent, so they can see the heart. The heart is then covered in ice. Gloria's chest becomes normal again. Suddenly, Pon and Dorothy accidentally break the window. They are chased by the witches, who soon fly off. Gloria follows Pon and Dorothy, although she does not love Pon. The three then come to the cornfield, where they free the Scarecrow.)

NARRATOR: The Scarecrow falls in love with Gloria and tries to melt her frozen heart.

(He soon sees that this is futile. They go along, being chased by Mombi. They soon come across a little boy, who the Scarecrow tries to play with. The boy introduces himself.)

BUTTON-BRIGHT: "My name is Button-Bright. I'm lost. I don't know where I came from, and I don't care."

(Mombi is attacked by Hank the Mule, who gets the upper hand. The group continues, but soon stops to have lunch by a river.)

NARRATOR: The stuffed Scarecrow is unable to eat food.

(So he stuffs it in his shirt. Pon sees that wooing Gloria does no good. The Scarecrow falls into the river and begins to laugh. The travelers continue on.)

NARRATOR: The Tin Castle of the Tin Woodman.

(Dorothy points ahead. Mombi catches up with the Scarecrow and rips him apart. He is reassembled by his friends. They continue on.)

NARRATOR: The Cowardly Lion is King of the Jungle.

(The Cowardly Lion is in some brush. He is met by the Lonesome Zoop, who he shoos away. Meanwhile, the travelers reach the castle of the Tin Woodman, who is rusted outside. They oil him and restore him to his usual vigor. Dorothy, Button-Bright, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodman go inside. Mombi and Pon arrive. Mombi transforms Pon into a kangaroo. Mombi tries to come in the castle, but the Tin Woodman comes out and cuts off her head. Her hands find her head and put it back on. She leaves. Gloria arrives as the adventurers come out.)

NARRATOR: The Tin Woodman's heart is captured by the Princess.

(The Tin Woodman tries to woo her, scaring away the kangaroo with his axe. Dorothy explains.)

NARRATOR: The Tin Woodman, indignant at the poor girl's plight, proposes to conquer King Krewl and make Gloria Queen.

(Dorothy, Button-Bright, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Woodman board a raft to escape Mombi. The Scarecrow pushes the raft along with a pole. The pole gets stuck in the river and the Scarecrow is left holding onto it. He slips into the water, where he meets a mermaid, then he climbs to the top of the pole. He is taken by a giant crow to the ground. He makes friends with the crow, and they do a little dance. The Scarecrow is joined by his friends, and they get back on the raft.)

NARRATOR: The Wall of Water.

(The raft goes up a wall of water. Fortunately, they travelers cling to the raft. They get back on dry land again.)

NARRATOR: The travelers meet the Wizard of Oz, who offers to save them from old Mombi.

(The Wizard is driving a cart, drawn by the Sawhorse, lets the travelers in. They continue until Mombi stops the cart. She climbs inside, but the other escape out the back hatch. The cart continues until the Wizard stops. Mombi climbs out, obviously cursing at the Wizard. The Wizard produces a small can, labeled "PRESERVED SANDWITCHES" [note the misspelling!] He then makes it so large it envelops Mombi, and then he paints out "sand" and the "es" from "sandwitches," then shrinks it back to it's original size. The travelers, meanwhile, are joined by the Cowardly Lion.)

NARRATOR: King Krewl overtakes the Wandering Princess and carries her back to his Castle.

(Gloria is overtaken by the kangaroo, who again tries to woo her. They, in turn, are overtaken by King Krewl, who takes Gloria. The travelers see this, so they go on to the Castle.)

NARRATOR: Ramparts of the King's Castle.

(The Scarecrow and Tin Woodman climb up, with arrows getting stuck in the Scarecrow and deflecting off of the Tin Woodman. When they have conquered, Dorothy and Button-Bright climb up.)

NARRATOR: His Majesty, the Scarecrow, Conqueror of the mighty King Krewl.

(The entire assemblage come in. The Wizard then produces the can and makes it large again. He talks to Mombi.)

WIZARD: "If I let you out, will you melt the heart of Princess Gloria?"

(She agrees. She then summons her band of witches, who make Gloria's chest transparent, so all can see the frozen heart. She then warms it up and the ice disappears. Gloria's chest becomes visible, and the band of witches disappear. Gloria sentences Krewl, and Mombi turns the kangaroo back into Pon, and he and Gloria fall back in love. Then all bow to the Scarecrow.)

The End